Describe the Community Policing

Saturday July 23, 2022

Describe Community Policing, problem solving, community


In this essay I would like you to answer the question:

Can community policing be successful in a system where police must make arrests, enforce unpopular laws and the best measure of officer activity relies on arrests, citations and crime reports written?

Some hints of areas to look into:

Define Community Policing, problem solving, community etc.

You might want to look at the calls for service that come into a police department daily.

Look at articles that support community policing endeavors and those that are critical of COP.

Is community policing a “buzzword” and not a strategy that LE has accepted?

Since COP is arguably not followed by most agencies why the drop in crime since COP’s inception in the 1990’s?

These are all areas you can talk about in your paper. Quality analysis is very important and these questions are open ended enough to give you some great opportunity! Don’t forget grammar, spelling and sentence, paragraph construction.

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