Describe The Anatomical Structures That Are Being Affected Based On The Patient Case Information

Wednesday July 20, 2022

Describe usability, usability testing and usability test metricsdentify all anatomical structures related to and/or that are being affected based on the patient case information. (i.e. tissues, organs, vessels, brain components, membranes)
Explain how the anatomical structures and their physiological function/dysfunction are interrelated normally and what is going wrong with the structures in this current patient case information.
Identify and explain possible a diagnosis and what can be done to fix or reverse the current situation described in the patient case information. Please be specific and detailed.
Patient: Emily Gonzalez

Emily Gonzalez is a scientist working for the US military and is currently researching a sarin like chemical that has been found in storage containers sealed inside of a abandoned ship in the Atlantic Ocean. In her lab Emily is hard at work testing the agent and determining its chemical compound, lethal properties, and its ability to aerosolize. During the process Emily’s PPE Gown gets caught on the edge of the metal table causing her to slip and fall. As she falls she reaches out to catch herself and knocks over the sealed class tube of this chemical agent. At this point, Emily does not know how well this chemical aerosolizes or if it was able to get inside of her PPE. So she cleans it up following strict protocols and exits the lab to the shower to clean her equipment and herself. As she exits the shower she starts to feel dizzy and cannot hold herself up. Luckily, her lab partner (Sarah) was entering the room and saw Emily almost unconscious lying on the floor. Sarah quickly called 911 and the emergency response team on site. While be checked on and quickly take to the hospital the following vitals were taken:

Low BP
Rapid, shallow breaths
Excessive sweating
Small pinpoint pupils
Paralysis starting in her lower limbs
Lab Test Results:

During further laboratory diagnostics the doctor found that Emily’s AChE activity was at 37% when it should be at or near 100%. All other tests/labs came back normal..

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