Describe social element of this global sustainability issue

Monday August 1, 2022

Describe social element of this global sustainability issue

April 15, 2017

Applied ethics and sustainability ASSIGNMENT-
Assessment tasks-

1. Select one important sustainability issue of global significance and express this issue in one short phrase or half sentence.

Topics of assignment-

Business, corporations and poverty

Immigration and refugees

Terrorism and warfare

Geo-engineering (large scale climate intervention)

Pollution of the global commons.

2. Describe the environmental element of your chosen global sustainability issue.

3. Describe the social element of this global sustainability issue.

4. Describe the economic element of this global sustainability issue.

5. Identify two major ethical problems which are caused by this global sustainability issue.

6. Discuss both ethical issues identified in part 5 drawing on relevant ethical theory.

7. Your chosen global sustainability issue presents both significant threats and opportunities for business. Select one business/industry sector and discuss these threats and opportunities.

8. Your chosen global sustainability issue will contain multiple causes of unsustainability and will lead to actions which are considered unethical. You are required to propose an ethical and sustainable solution to the problems which underpin this global sustainability issue. This proposed solution should address causes of unsustainability, as well as financial, technological and behavioural barriers to removing these causes of unsustainability.

9. Review your Turnitin Originality report and answer the following questions –

a. What is your remaining percentage text match?

b. List the source of each of your remaining text matches.

c. Explain the reason for each of the remaining text matches.

d. Have you removed text matches to reduce your percentage text match below 10 %?

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