Describe How to Construct and Interpret Simple Control Charts for both Continuous and Discrete data

Wednesday July 27, 2022

Describe how to construct and interpret simple control charts for both continuous and discrete data. The five steps required to develop and construct control charts are (1) preparation, such as choosing the metric to be monitored and determining sample size and the frequency; (2) collect the data and calculate basic statistics; (3) determine trial upper and lower control limits and center line; (4) investigate and interpret the control chart, eliminate out-of-control points, and recompute the control limits, and (5) use problem-solving tools and take corrective action(s). Key formulas for an -X- and R-chart are [17.1] 1 [17.2]. 1* R= R k [17.3]. UCLR = DAR UCL, = 7+ AR LCLR = D3R LCL, = 7 – AR where X is the average of the ith sample. Key formulas for a p-chart are

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