Describe Different Professions or Occupations in Public Health

Thursday July 7, 2022

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING WORD LIMIT REQUIREMENTS: Please note that each and every assignment has its own word limit. Describe at least three different professions or occupations in public health and their impact on the health of populations. What public health profession, role, or occupation do you envision for yourself? Why? THREE PUBLIC HEALTH PROFESSION: 1. Epidemiologist 2. Research Analyst 3. Health and Safety Engineer PLEASE add the DOI and sites for the links below to the reference list that use will use and make sure everything is in proper APA format. USE the reading below Read “Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals,” located on the Public Health Foundation website. URL: Read “Public Health 3.0: A Call to Action to Create a 21st Century Public Health Infrastructure,” by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, located on the Healthy People website. URL: Read “On the Road to a Stronger Public Health Workforce: Visual Tools to Address Complex Challenges,” by Drehobl, Stover, and Koo, from American Journal of Preventive Medicine (2014). URL: Read “Trends and Characteristics of the State and Local Public Health Workforce, 2010-2013,” by Beck and Boulton, from American Journal of Public Health (2015). URL: MUST have at MINIMUM THREE paragraphs, THREE citations with the page numbers and THREE references in APA format.(The List of References should not be older than 2014 and should not be included in the word count.) Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources. It is important that you cover all the top

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