Define The Six Factors That Impact Ethical Intensity When Making Decisions

Sunday July 17, 2022

Define the six factors that impact ethical intensity when making decisions.

Identify 2-3 factors that you think Woolworths Group ignored or misjudged in their plans to open a Dan Murphy’s store in Darwin and explain your choices.

Clure E (26 April 2021) ‘Community concern over the planned Dan Murphy’s megastore in the Northern Territory’ , 7.30 Report, accessed 12 June 2021

2- Define advocacy groups (1 mark) and analyse how advocacy groups impacted Woolworths Group’s organisational environment and planning process in its attempt to open a Dan Murphy’s store in Darwin. (250 words)

Foundation for Alcohol and Research and Education (n.d.) ‘After almost a five-year battle, Woolworths has decided not to proceed with the alcohol megastore in Darwin’, FARE, accessed 12 June 2021.

3. Woolworths Group abandoned its plan for a Dan Murphy’s store in Darwin in April 2021 and announced an independent review of its decision-making. Can this type of social responsiveness be described as reactive, defensive, accommodative, or proactive? Justify your answer. (250 words)

Gibson J (9 June 2021) ‘Woolworths and NT government blasted in damning review of Darwin Dan Murphy’s proposal’, ABC News, accessed 12 June 2021.

4. Imagine you are the CEO of Woolworths Group prior to this incident. It is your responsibility to approve plans to open a Dan Murphy’s store in Darwin. How would you approach this decision? Which principle/s would guide you in making this decision and why . Justify whether or not Darwin’s Indigenous communities are an important stakeholder group to this plan (2.5 marks). Explain if/how you would engage these Indigenous communities in the decision-making process (350 words)

Powell D (9 June 2021) ‘Woolworths execs won’t lose bonuses despite damning Dan Murphy’s report’, The Sydney Morning Herald, accessed 12 June 2021.

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