Contributions of Military Leaders in America

Tuesday July 12, 2022

Choose from 1 of the topics below. Be sure that you answer ALL the questions addressed in your chosen essay question: Many argue that America generally enters a war unprepared. Do you agree with this thesis or not? Be sure to use specific examples from the Reading & Study materials to support your contention. Do you believe it is correct to describe an American Way of War? If so, has it existed consistently throughout the period covered or has it evolved? If you say it has not existed throughout, why not? Describe and compare 3 military leaders and demonstrate how they have contributed to the American Military Tradition. How are these individuals representative of (or not) an American culture or an American Way of War as described in this course? Were these individuals appropriate Christian role models in your opinion—why or why not? Trace the development of either Operations or of Combined Arms integration throughout the American Military Experience. Give examples from each conflict covered. The Final Essay must be written in current Turabian format, have a minimum of 5 scholarly sources, and must be minimum of 7 full pages in length

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