comprehensive statement for university to explain why I wish to leave my current institution, why I’m applying for Business and Management and how this will help me with my future career plans

Sunday July 10, 2022

Fist of all, I would like to thank you very much for the statement that you did for me a while back, it was amazing.

As you can read on the topic, I need a statement to explain why I want to change my current university, why I’m applying for business and management and how this course will help me on my future plans.

So basically, as an international student in the UK, I can not change universities and change course anytime I want, that’s why I need a very powerful statement and I know you a provide this for me.
I’m currently doing sociology and psychology year 1, I want to change my course to business management and re-do year 1 of my new course, as an international student, there is a rule called academic progression which means that I need to go up a level each academic year in order to keep studying in the UK, so I can’t change my course and re-do year 1 again; there are exceptions to this rule but I need to provide an comprehensive and detailed statement on why I need to change university, course and re-do year one again, and most importantly how my new course will help me on my future career.

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