Compare the reciprocal regulation of glycolysis and glu

Wednesday July 20, 2022

Compare the reciprocal regulation of glycolysis and gluconeogenesis based on the following criteria Resting state versus exerciseFasting versus after a mealIndicate which compounds and enzymes for each of the conditions above in the pathway for glycolysis and gluconeogenesis take part in the regulation. Also indicate whether the regulation is predominantly in the muscle or liver for each criteria with a short reason.There are 8 steps in the citric acid cycle. For each of the reactions in steps 3 and 5 of the citric acid cycle indicate which of the six types of general reactions they correspond to?Calculate the free energy change involved in transfer of electrons from complex I to complex II (use the values of reduction potential for the complexes search online)The standard free energy change for the following reaction is -25 kJ/molPyruvate + NADH ? Lactate + NAD+Under cellular conditions if the concentration of Pyruvate is 0.2 mM Lactate is 0.5 mM NAD+ is 1.2 mM what is the minimum concentration of NADH needed to make this reaction spontaneous?

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