Compare Personal and Client Beliefs and Values in Relation to Trauma

Friday July 22, 2022

Compare personal and client beliefs and values in relation to trauma

• Apply mindfulness principles to social work practice

• Evaluate empirical research studies on the effectiveness of mindfulness interventions

Evaluate the strength and limitations of mindfulness principles to social work practice Discussion 1: Existential Questions and Post-Traumatic Growth

Upon hearing the stories of sometimes horrific atrocities clients or client families have experienced, you as a social worker may find yourself confronting existential “why” questions. For example: Why do horrible events happen to good people? Why do people abuse their children?

Trying to make sense of such trauma is not easy, and you may seek answers to these existential questions your whole life. And yet, there are opportunities for growth despite trauma for both clients and social workers. This is known as post-traumatic growth, where a renewed sense purpose or a more profound outlook on life is the by-product.

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