Compare and Contrast the Transformational and the Transactional Leader in Nursing

Friday July 15, 2022

Compare and contrast the transformational and the transactional leader in nursing. Which type are you and why?2. Provide a brief history about these two modes of leadership and why they play a big role in any health care organization? ———- – Custom Essay Writing Service Transformational and Transactional Leadership in Nursing In transformational leadership, the leaders work with teams to come up with needed changes, vision creation to guide the shift by inspiration, and execution in tandem with committed group members. The leadership style enhances morale, motivation and job performance for nurses with aims of changing the future of care delivery (Siddique et al. 1042). Contrastingly, in transactional leadership, leaders ensure compliance through both rewards and punishments, which facilitates follower motivation for a short time. Transactional nurse leaders identify deficiencies in employee performances to attempt corrections and facilitate improved care delivery. I am a transformational leader because I work together with my teams to implement changes through individualized considerations, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and idealized influence. James MacGregor Burns applied the term transformational leadership in 1978 to describe a process in which leaders and followers work together to attain goals through motivation and morale. There was an extension of the concept bu Leithwood in the 1980s and 1990s, painting it as an instrument to facilitate “instructional leadership” as applies to date (Foon 601). Max Weber first described transactional leadership in 1947 and Bebnerd Bassi in 1981, where thy both proposed it as a means to address the need for rapid changes though using styles that emphasize on compliance through both rewards and punishments (Foon 602). Both types of leadership play a significant role in nursing. Transactional leadership ensures minimum errors and systematic, evidence-based approaches to care delivery due to its problem-solving orientation because the individuals seek to maintain a status quo. Additionally, transactional leaders are effective in emergency and crises, and projects that require specific measures to improve the healthcare systems. Transformational leadership also plays a significant role in nursing as the managers use creative problem-solving skills that question the status quo and re-frame complex issues from a new perspective. The approach often leads to novel solutions that help patients, managers and employees. Works Cited Foon, Moey Soo. “A Conceptual Framework of Transformational and Transactional Leadership on Nurse Educators Job Satisfaction.” IJSSHRes 4.1 (2016): 596-605. Siddique, Muhammad, and Allah Nawaz. “The Mediation of Transformational Leadership Between Transactional Leadership and Group Management Skills of Academicians in HEIs of KPK, Pakistan.” International Transaction Journal of Engineering, Management, & Applied Sciences & Technologies 10.8 (2019): 1041-1051.

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