Climate Change

Wednesday July 6, 2022

Climate Change

April 15, 2017

Climate Change

Use the role description to shape your perspective for research and the role-play. List the concepts, ideas and policy options that come to mind. Draft a short response for each issue consideration. Investigation the research leads and consider taking down note

Description of role:

The cheif of staff oversees the Excutive Office of the President, which provides the president with support to govern effectivelt. This post has traditionally been home to many of the presidents closest advisors. In national security council (NSC) meetings, the cheif of staff ensures that the president has the necessary analysis on the full range of factors relevant to the case, including the U.S political situation.

the cheif of staff’s goals to

Highlight the domestic implications of U.S foreign policy choices;
Develop strategies to carry out the presidents policy and communicate it to U.S and international audiences.

Climate change

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