Cause and Effects of the American Revolution

Friday July 15, 2022

Cause and Effects of the American Revolution

February 3, 2017

How did the documents and ideals of the American Revolution, particularly the Declaration of Independence, speak to all people, including women and African slaves? How did these ideals clash with the reality of gender inequality and slavery?
Using what you know about researching, examine your sources. For each source, you may need to do research online to answer these questions:

Who authored the document?
What is the purpose of the document?
When was the document written?
What significant historical event or movement does the document represent?
Next, you’ll need to read each of the sources critically while thinking about these questions:

What is the credibility of the source?
Is there any noticeable bias?
How does the author form his or her argument?
What are the important themes, main ideas, and arguments presented in the document?
Finally, refer to your notes and the provided documents to write a short essay using the author-date system, make sure you provide parenthetical, in-text citations for any information you use from outside sources.


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