Case Study #1: New BalanceReview the New Balance case study in the Resources fol

Thursday July 28, 2022

Case Study #1: New BalanceReview the New Balance case study in the Resources folder.This case study focuses on New Balance a privately held company and the fourth largest athletic footwear manufacturer in the world. New Balance has a strong social responsibility culture and mission. The overall goal of the case is to use the provided information from this comprehensive company assessment to identify a few key areas where New Balance can focus on and demonstrate industry leadership while also supporting the bottom line.In this case study analysis you are to address the following utilizing the headings below in the body of the paper. You must cite all facts from the case study itself. In addition to citing from the case study you must also cite at least two other resources. Suggested assignment length (not including cover page and reference page): 6 8 pages.Introduction Provide a synopsis of the company and the case.Strengths and Weaknesses Identify key strengths and weaknesses in each of the following categories:oOverall GovernanceoProducts and ServicesoOperationsoCommunity SupportAnalysis Analyze the strengths and weaknesses identified; select two to three areas for New Balance to focus on and develop a CSR strategy that is integrated with the business strategy.Implementing CSR List the key steps for implementing an integrated CSR strategy. Who should be involved? What should the communication plan consist of? What resources are needed? What is the timeline? What are the measures of success? What are other important items to include?Conclusion Summarize in 2 3 paragraphs the most important elements addressed in this analysis.References Include a separate page of APA-formatted references. At the minimum the case study should be included as well as the two outside references. There should be no items listed in the references that were not included in the body of the paper as in-text citations.

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