Building your website

Friday July 29, 2022

Building your website

November 13, 2016

You have been given a client style guide to use as you build your website. Imagine, though, that the client has given you the time and resources to go beyond that—to conduct deeper market research. You decide that you would like to do two things: (1) set up some customer focus groups and (2) set up a face-to-face meeting with the client to gather more information from both sources.
In a four- to five-paragraph journal entry, address the following critical elements:
ï‚· Who should be in your focus groups? In other words, what demographic(s) do you want to examine?
ï‚· What questions would you ask in the focus groups? Why? What information is important to you as you build the best website possible for the client?
ï‚· What questions would you ask in your face-to-face meeting with the client? Why?
ï‚· In addition to focus groups and client research, what other types of market research might you conduct to create a great website?
ï‚· What research/technological tools are available to help you gather data?

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