At the beginning of the current year Donaa Harp was emplyed as a cinematographer

Monday July 25, 2022

At the beginning of the current year Donaa Harp was emplyed as a cinematographer by Farah Move Inc. a motion picture company in Los Angeles Ca. In june she accepted a new job with Ocala Production in Orlando Florida Donna is single andher social security number isNNN-NN-NNNN She sold her house in California on August 10 for 500000 she paid 14000 sales commission the house was acquired on March 22 1987 for 140000. The cost of transporting her houshold goods and personal effects from California to Orlando amounted to 2350. To travel from California to Florida she paid travel and lodging costs of 370 and 100 for meals. On July 15 she purchased a house for 270000 on 1225 Minnie Lane in Orlando to purchase the house she incurred a 20 year mortgage for 170000. To obtain the loan she paid points of 3400. The 3600 of property taxes fro the house in Orlando were prorated with 1950 being apportioned to the seller and 1650 being apprortioned to the buyer. In December of the current year she paid 3600 for property taxes.Other information related to her return are:Salary from Farah Movie Inc. 30000Salary from Ocala Production Inc. 70000Federal income taxes withheld by Farah 6000Federal income taxes withheld by Ocala 22000FICA taxes withheld by Farah 2295FICA Taxes with held by Ocala 5355Dividend income 10000Interest paid for mortgage Home in California 6.780Home in Orlando 3800Property taxes paid in California 4100Sales taxes paid in California and Fla 3.125State income taxes paid in California 2900Interest income form Sun National Bank 1800Prepare Form 1040 including Schedules A B and D and form 1903. determine the amount of recognized gain on the sale of the residence

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