AssignmentProfessional EthicsThink carefully about the

Wednesday July 13, 2022

AssignmentProfessional EthicsThink carefully about the professions or careers that you may enter in the future. Pick one and think about the kinds of things that are expected of someone in this career. Consider the following questions:What duties and responsibilities do they have? To whom or what? Are there strict rules they should obey? Why?What goods do they pursue? What benefits or services do they provide to the society? What is valuable for society in this kind of work? What personal qualities or virtues would someone need to excel in that field? What qualities makes someone an excellent member of that profession?In preparation take notes and list as many answers as you can. Summarize the basic importance of each thing a person in that career should know do and be. Be as specific as possible. Put these ideas into a code of ethics that all employees should follow or try to achieve. Imagine that this document will be posted for all employees to see.Explain in detail to the employees how they should act what they should avoid and what the main point of their work should be. What values and ways of thinking should guide their actions and why? Be sure to tie in the specific parts of the code to the larger point and purpose for which the career exists. Do not use codes of ethics that you may find elsewhere. This exercise is meant for you to think about how ethical values can guide people in their everyday work.Your Code of Ethics 700 words typed.

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