Assignment 2: Literature ReviewRationaleThe purpose of

Wednesday July 13, 2022

Assignment 2: Literature ReviewRationaleThe purpose of literature review amongst others is to enable students to distinguish what had been donefrom what needs to be done discover important variables relevant to the topic synthesis and gain newperspective identify between ideas and practice and to establish the context of the topic or problem.Assessment TaskReview at least three inter-related theories that form the theoretical framework of your study/research.Students should at least write about the followings areas in about 2500 words (excluding tables graphsappendices):-? The accepted facts in the area? The popular opinion? The main variables? The relationship between concepts and variables? Short coming in the existing findings? Limitation in the methods used? The relevance to your study? Suggestion for further research in the area *reviewing articles on consumer behavior *at least 4 theories

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