ART110 Introduction to Art

Saturday July 16, 2022

ART110 Introduction to Art

April 15, 2017

The paper should be composed using APA formatting guidelines (opens in a new window) and double-spaced, 12 pt text, and 1 inch margins, The paper needs to be a minimum of 3 typed full pages. References used need to be cited in APA format throughout the paper, including at least two references other than the class text in the reference page.

  1. Historical information on the artist and the piece of artwork.
  2. The style the piece was done in, what art movement was going on at the time the piece was created. The materials and techniques used by the artist to create the work of art.
  3. Identify the content and any underlying concepts (message) the artist was trying to portray.
  4. Your personal view of the piece (no more than 1/2 page in length) you selected.
  5. Identify and write (IN DEPTH) on all of the Element of Art and Principles of Composition in the piece (refer to Chapter 2 in your book) and the Chapter 2 Handout (4TH EDITION TEXT).
  6. Cited references throughout the paper, reference page included.
  7. Paper format – introduction paragraph, conclusion paragraph, organization, grammar and sentence structure.

*This paper will be checked for plagiarism.

100 points – 10% of grad

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