Application of Social Psychology

Wednesday July 27, 2022

Application of Social Psychology

March 30, 2017

Application of Social Psychology (about 2 pages;  45 points): The following section of is focused on using Social Psychology to improve your plan. Thus, you should complete this section after you have completed the previous section (The Plan). Essentially, I’m asking you to take a social psychology concept/theory/results from class and explain how you would use the concept to improve an existing part of your plan *OR* add new activities to a part of your plan. Identify *3* Social Psychology concepts/theories/results that were covered in class or in the textbook.

For each concept, you should do the following: (a) correctly define the concept/theory and/or explain the results of the study (3 points), (b) identify the specific activity for application (either from plan or a new activity; 2 points), Note for this section, you should be referencing a specific activity that was either in your plan or a new activity
(e.g., “Part of my plan is to do X, **or** “I will add the following activity to my plan”) and finally (c) explain how you will apply the concept to the activity and the rationale/justification for why the application will help to promote the desired behavior (10 points). Thus, for each concept, if you correctly answer ‘(a)’ ‘(b)’ and ‘(c)’, you will receive 15 points (45 points total for correctly answering all questions for all 3 concepts).



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