Answering Questions from an Article Abstract

Monday July 18, 2022

Answering Questions from an Article Abstract

April 8, 2017

Read the article abstract and answer any 5 questions from the printed Research Article Review Form found on page 15 at the following link:
1. What is the primary research question the researchers are asking? 2. Why is the research question critical to nursing clinical practice, education,
administration, or research? 3. Are secondary research questions asked by the researchers? 4. What do the secondary research questions(s) contribute to nursing clinical practice, education, administration, or research? 5. What does the introduction and background tell you about why the study is being done? 6. How does the review of the literature support the need for studying the research question? 7. Does the review of the literature include references that are historic, current, supportive of the conceptual or theoretical model used in the study, and from peer-reviewed sources? Which ones? 8. Which research design was used to answer the research questions or hypotheses? Was the design appropriate to answer the research questions or hypotheses? Why? 9. Who was the target population for the research study? 10. How was the sample for the study determined? 11. How many subjects were recruited to the study and how many subjects completed the study? 12. Was the final sample for the study representative of the target population? 13. Was the sample size sufficient to appropriately power the study results? 14. Was the study a pilot study? If so, what was being piloted? 15. What were the independent variables for the study? How were they defined and measured? 16. What were the dependent variables? How were they defined and measured? 17. Were the conceptual and operational definitions of the variables logically consistent? 18. Were there any extraneous variables in the study? If so, how were they controlled? 19. Did the researchers provide reliability and validity estimates for the measurement instruments based on data from populations similar to the study sample? Were the estimates within acceptable ranges? 20. What were the results of the study? Did the study results include a description of the sample characteristics and answer the research questions or hypotheses? 21. Did the tables and figures present information that complimented and was consistent with the article text? 22. Did the discussion compare and contrast the findings of the study to previous research or current practice? 23. What were the limitations of the study? Were they acknowledged? 24. What were the conclusions of the study? Were the data that were collected consistent with and sufficient to support the conclusions? 25. Can the conclusions be generalized to the target population? Why or why not 26. What are the implications of the research for nursing practice, education, administration, and/or research?

Your paper must include the APA citation for the article you review (put the Citation at the top of your paper) and list each question followed by your answer. The paper should not be more than one page. Please type your paper so it can be easily read. Attach a copy of your research article to your paper.

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