Analysis of Patrick Buchanan’s Views

Friday July 22, 2022

Analysis of Patrick Buchanan’s Views

February 6, 2017

Include at least four (4) direct quotations using proper MLA in-text citation style PAPER TOPIC
Your goal for this paper will be to provide your opinion or analysis of Patrick Buchanan’s views as expressed in his essays “Can Diversity Destroy Us?” and A.D. 2041: End of White America? Excerpted from his book Deconstructing America.
Explain your perspective on Buchanan’s point-of-view.
• Do you agree with him? Partially agree?
• Completely disagree? Explain your reaction.
• Is he convincing as an author? Why or why not?
Use Fredrickson’s essay, “Models of American Ethnic Relations” as a source to help explain Buchanan’s attitude toward diversity. Select one of Fredrickson’s models to help explain Buchanan’s views, which would be your main focus. You can also quote from various parts of Fredrickson’s essay (if you want) to help support your reaction to Buchanan.
Your thesis (or main focus) is your opinion of Buchanan’s views on diversity. Use Fredrickson as a source to support your view.
• Remember, your thesis can be complex: that is, you may agree with some parts of Buchanan’s views, but not others. State this in the paper and explain.
• Use your own examples and/or examples or quotes from the essays to support your thesis.
• You may also use outside sources of your own choosing, but are not required to do so.
• Be sure to use specific examples to explain and illustrate your views.
• Include the author’s name and name of the essays you are discussing in the first paragraph.
• You can use both paraphrase and direct quotations, but be sure to include a minimum of
four (4) direct quotations using MLA style.

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