Advanced Project Management

Sunday July 24, 2022

Advanced Project Management

July 30, 2015

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Document Preview:

MINT 719 Final Exam

(take home)

Feb 24, 2013

Student Name: [Your Name Here]

Student Number: [Your Student #]


Students are required to work independently on the exam.
Students are encouraged to apply what they learnt during the course. Answers should describe your understanding of the course materials including approaches, methodologies, and understand of samples provided in class discussions.
Reference materials, excluding materials provided by the instructor during the course, must be cited in a bibliography at the end of each question.
Answers must include original content created by the student – e.g. external materials referenced should be augmented by ideas developed by the student. Unreferenced sources or over-use of external content is not permitted. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in re-assigned grades, expulsion from the course, or expulsion from the program.
You have until midnight Friday Mar 8, 2013 to complete the exam. Any questions related to the exam should be submitted before end-of-day Mar 4, 2013. Responses will be within 24 hours.
Please complete your answers in this MS-Word document. Diagrams or other attachments (if required) should be referenced herein and submitted along with this document.
Completed exams should be returned by email to the instructor.

In your own words please answer the following questions: (10 x 10 marks) (guideline: approximately 250 – 400 words). Students are encouraged to contribute their own ideas. Please assume the instructor knows the details of common project management tools such as the Earned Value method, etc.

What are reasons that organizations break initiatives into smaller projects? E.g. why not just run “one big project”? (A bullet-list will do)
[ ]

Poor estimating at the beginning of the project and lower-than-expected team productivity has resulted in an estimated 15% budget shortfall. What should you do to bring the…

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