According to the Tesco website (

Wednesday July 6, 2022

According to the Tesco website (

April 16, 2017

“We use our balanced scorecard – the Steering Wheel – to manage and measure our business performance. Through its five segments – Community, Operations, People, Finance and Customer – we are able to measure our non-financial performance through our key performance indicators (KPIs) to give us a more balanced view than using financial data alone.”

However, in 2013 Tesco reported a 23.5% fall in half year profits:

Discuss how and why the existing balanced score card could be improved to produce a fuller picture of Tesco’s overall performance and how it might be utilised to improve future business performance.

You should make reference to possible performance indicators Tesco’s could develop under each of the Scorecards perspectives.

Write in report format and any supporting diagrams or tables should be placed in the appendix. Relevant research material and references can be applied to underpin your analysis.




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