Why Are Food Chains Generally Limited To Four To Six Links

Friday January 14, 2022

Why are food chains generally limited to four to six links?

2. In general, ecosystems can be described by pyramids of energy,

biomass, and numbers. Explain.

3. Comment on the importance of plants in the retention of nutrients

in forest ecosystems.

4. Explain the role of growth rate in the competition among plants.

5. According to the principle of competitive exclusion, two

species with similar environmental requirements cannot coexist

indefinitely in the same habitat. How might competitive exclusion

be avoided?

6. The diversity of species is greater in an environment where

disturbance is continuous than in a more stable environment. Why?

7. In what way does the ant-acacia system resemble a lichen?

8. Explain the role of tannins in the defense of plants against


9. Disturbance and succession are two important factors that account

for the full extent of the diversity of life on Earth. Explain.

10. What role do gaps play in succession?

11. How does a plant community change over time?

12. List the important ways that humans have affected local and

global ecosystems, including modifying disturbance types and

cycles. Will such effects grow or diminish over the coming years?

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