Explain the Impact that this Legislation, as well as the Similar Measures in other Jurisdictions, will have on Communities of Color.

Wednesday January 12, 2022

Mayor of Philadelphia Signs Bill Banning Police in the City from Stopping Drivers for Minor Infractions

The facts:

Philadelphia became the first major U.S. city to ban police officers from stopping drivers for minor infractions after Mayor Jim Kenney implemented the Driving Equality bill on Wednesday, November 3rd via executive order.
The bill, which was authored by Council member Isaiah Thomas and passed by the city council on October 14th, reclassified motor vehicle code violations as “primary” and “secondary” violations.
Primary violations allow police officers to pull people over in the name of public safety, whereas secondary violations do not meet the criteria for a lawful traffic stop.
The bill is scheduled to take effect 120 days after it was signed by Kenney.
What is considered a ‘secondary violation’ under the Driving Equality bill?

Vehicle not registered within sixty days of the observed infraction
Registration plate not clearly displayed, fastened, or visible
Single brake light, headlight, running light, etc. not illuminated
Minor obstructions
Bumper issues
Operation of vehicle without official certificate of inspection
Unlawful operation without evidence of emission inspection

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