What Is The Significance Of The Hvar Breccia Found In Croatia

Tuesday January 11, 2022

What is the significance of the Hvar Breccia found in Croatia? Question 8 Choose all of the locations that are possible impact sites based on the diameter of the crater? OAcraman Aorounga Araguainha Barringer OChicxulub Clearwater Gossess Bluff Lonar O Manicouagan OPopigai Roter Kamm Siljan Ring Sudbury Vredefort Question 1 Describe how relative age dating is applied to the fossil record. Question 2 d e mno Species of Foram Fossils Use the graph to explain how foraminifera (“forams”) evolved as a result of the impact. 66.4 66.3 65.7 65.6 66.0 65.9 Geologic Time in millions of years ago 66.1 65.8

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