Discuss how Race is more a Sociological Classification than a Biological one

Monday January 10, 2022

Discuss how race is more a sociological classification than a biological one. Provide situations in which an individual’s race may be mistaken or taken for granted. In the United States the key stratifying variable is race; in Europe it is SES (socioeconomic status). Why do you think there is this difference 200 or more words Sample Essay Solution Discuss how race is a more social classification than biological Race is the classification of humans based on the physical or social-cultural identity in which humans are considered distinct from one another in society. Race may be influenced due to physical appearance or origin for example black race, white race or Asian race (Menon 597). Also, race is due to cultural settings for example Muslims may be racially discriminated for practise Islam. The aim of this analysis is to show how race is more a social classification rather than a biological classification. To begin with, race is more of a social perspective rather than a biological one since everyone possess the same human genetic diversity. People may look different on the colour of skin or language but the human composition is similar. Human beings have the same physical features which should not be a reason for distinguishing one another but have to be used for accepting each other (Outram et al. 79). Secondly, race is more of a social construction than a biological one as it is construed on social background and beliefs of individuals. In most place people exit racial abuse due to their social settings for example in some western countries Muslims are racial abuse due to their religion and religious practices. Also, people perceive them as to be associated with terrorists which may not be a substantial argument. In some societies, when any terrorist activity takes place people may sideline the Islamic communities labelling them as perpetrators which is very wrong. Therefore, this shows that race is a social problem as religion may be used to spur racism on a certain individual or community. In some countries as well as in movies Muslims are the first suspects of any terrorism activity making it obvious that this is a social classification (Gracia 180). Moreover, race is a social classification and not a biological one since in some countries like South Africa there are blacks and coloured people. Racial abuse is not based on the colour of the person but the social and cultural differences among those people. Also due to this classification, the society has created perception of how they view the mixed white and black (coloured) and blacks (Carter et al. 207). Consequently, this shows that race arises when the society brings rules on how to treat each other in society for example in South Africa blacks and coloured people are treated differently. Conclusively, this discussion shows that race is a social problem and not a biological one. All humans have same human genetic diversity, race may arise due to social setting and religious believes as well as race is due to how society teats different people for example coloured and blacks in South Africa. Works Cited Carter, Prudence L., et al. “You can’t fix what you don’t look at: Acknowledging race in addressing racial discipline disparities.” Urban education 52.2 (2017): 207-235. Gracia, Jorge JE. “Race and Ethnicity.” The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Race. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017. 180-90. Menon, Alka. “Reconstructing race and gender in American cosmetic surgery.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 40.4 (2017): 597-616. Outram, Simon, et al. “Genes, race, and causation: US public perspectives about racial difference.” Race and Social Problems 10.2 (2018): 79-90.

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