Describe The Elements Of A Good MBO Program Including the Key Elements

Monday January 10, 2022

What are some skills that fall under the responsibility of being a manager versus those of a leader? How would you differentiate these aspects?Describe the elements of a good MBO program, including 5 key elements. Explain the potential problems of the MBO approach (8-4)

B) How can Managers Plan Effectively in Dynamic Environments? (8-5)

Exhibit 8-4

Well-Written Goals

Written in terms of outcomes rather than actions

Measurable and quantifiable

Clear as to a time frame

Challenging yet attainable

Written Down

Communicated to all necessary organizational Members

Exhibit 8-5

•Environmental Scanning – Screening the environment for info to detect emerging trends & opportunities

Competitor Intelligence – Who are they? What are they doing? How will it affect your business?

Ability to anticipate rather than merely react

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