What Leadership Style Is Used To Maintain A Strong Control In The Department

Saturday January 8, 2022

What is the role of Indonesian experts to be able to play a role in global ICT projects in the ASEAN Region, Asia Region ,and or the world in the next 5 years
What difficulties and opportunities does Indonesia face in developing this (refer to question 1) above?
Your conclusions and opinions.what are the steps of creating a marketplace.

In other words: Consider to start a marketplace within one year , what is the plan and milestones for making the marketpalce?What leadership style is used to maintain a strong control in the department?
Select one:
a. Laissez- faire
b. Democratic
c. Autocratic
d. Collegial


In planning, conceptualizing the purpose and the aspirations of the organization are essential. What statement gives a false description of a vision?
Select one:
a. It is written to magnify the various activities and it is projected with a broad time frame.
b. It uses action words in present tense
c. It reflects what the organization wants to be
d. it reflects why the organization exist
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Abdul-Rahim Taysir

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