Strategies to use with Children with each of the Exceptionalities

Saturday January 8, 2022

The objective is for you to learn about each exceptionality. Also, you will be able to identify strategies to use with children with each of the exceptionalities. Research each exceptionality on-line. This should be a thoroughly done project. It is lengthy. • ADHD • Developmentally Delayed • Behaviorally Disordered • Emotionally disordered • Speech/language impairment • Autism • Cerebral Palsy • Down Syndrome • Visual Impairments • Deafness/Hearing Loss For each exceptionality, you will have the following. Put the information in this format when you submit it and label each section like below. 1. The exceptionality (What is it?) Short paragraph 2. Characteristics of the exceptionality 3. 5 Methods, Materials, or Classroom Strategies for teachers to implement in the classroom for the particular exceptionality 4. Resources for Parents (articles, websites, places)- at least 3 5. Resources for teachers (articles, websites, places)- at least 3 6. References (used for your research)

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