Leadership Development Report

Friday December 31, 2021

1) Describe the preliminary transformational change that you hope to initiate in an organization.
2) Identify the leadership team roles you believe are needed to initiate change in an organization using Belbin 9 Team Roles: Chairman, Shaper, Plant, Monitor-Evaluator, Company Worker, Resource Investigator, Team Worker, and Completer-Finisher, Specialist (see attached). Explain why the role is needed on your team in relation to your Transformational Change Project (TCP) and the reasons you selected the individual to fill this role (use pseudonyms). Describe specifically the individual’s unique experiences, background, communication style, personality characteristics and cultural background that you value and will contribute to the team.

3) Ask selected members if they are willing to serve on your TCLT. Describe your process for ensuring their agreement and commitment to the team.

4) Explain the degree of diversity within the team and how it is supported by you as the leader. How will diversity serve the team and its tasks and goals moving forward?

5) How did you approach the authentic development of a Transformational Change Leadership Team (TCLT) based upon group development theory (relationship building, trust, norms, role assignment, and motivation). What specific methods and strategies did you use to build an effective team? What specific team builders did you use? Were they effective? Why or why not?
6) How did you create a common purpose? Vision? Norms/group processes?
7) How did you openly address the issue of trust within the team and what mechanisms did you put in place to ensure this remains a constant focus throughout the team’s work together?
8) What is the decision-making process for the team and how was it decided upon?
9) How did you foster the development of mechanisms to ensure the team has a clear accountability process and actively uses it to hold team members accountable for behavior and results?
10) Describe your plan for ensuring and enabling the team to not only “course-correct”, but do so in an effective, efficient fashion that supports the overall goal for the team and the desired change. This includes ensuring there are strategies to facilitate team interventions to address dysfunctional group behavior and facilitate appropriate interventions if/when they occur.

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