What Does Not Relate To Main Brand Dimensions

Wednesday December 22, 2021

What does not relate to Main Brand Dimensions? a. symbols b. functional benefits c. country of origin d. emotional benefits

3) Which of listed below does not depend to product associations? a. way of use b. perceived quality c. symbols d. competencies

4) Which of these questions to a brand comes from customer’s perspective? a. who is target customer? b. will it be worth to use? c. who are the main competitors?

6) What is brand awareness? a. consumers ability to identify the brand correctly as having been seen or heard before b. consumers perception of the brand and what associations come to mind c. consumers ability to identify the brand under different conditions d. consumers ability to remember the brand

12) Which of listed associations does not prescribed to the secondary brand associations? a. innovations b. country of origin c. distribution channel d. events

14) In terms of Brand Growth Strategy, a strategy that uses master brand to endorse a new brand when the company attempts to move to a more distant product category, is: a. Sub- branding b. Super-branding c. Brand bundling d. Brand bridging

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