What Is Characteristic Of Stage 2 Of Rostow’s Five-Stage Model Of Economic Growth

Monday December 20, 2021

hat is characteristic of Stage 2 of Rostow’s five-stage model of economic growth?

Group of answer choices

The focus is on design activities and the development of manufacturing techniques.

Infrastructure development is a primary need.

The focus is more on low-cost manufacturing of a variety of consumer and some industrial goods.

The goods demanded relate to equipment and supplies to support manufacturing.

Industrial demand is mainly associated with natural resources extraction.


Which trend spurs demand for technologically advanced products in the world?

Group of answer choices

an increase in the size of the global unskilled labor force

expanding economic and industrial growth in Asia

the opening of the Trans-Arctic route

large fiscal deficits in developed nations

the increase in the average age in Europe


Which statement is true of universal standards in the sale of international products?

Group of answer choices

Firms that adhere to universal standards find the costs to be greater than the benefits.

The lack of universal standards limits the expansion of industries.

The idea of universal standards is being resisted in developing countries.

The international market for industrial goods uses the imperial system as a universal standard.

All governments mandate universal standards.


Paul attends the London Book Fair every year to represent his company and show its products to publishers from other countries. He also meets with individual publishers to discuss distributing their books in the U.S. The London Book Fair is

Group of answer choices

a market expander.

a commerce opportunity.

an industry forum.

a trade show.

a commercial storefront.

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