Describe the Limitations and Constraints of Marketing

Friday December 17, 2021

describe the limitations and constraints of marketing Limitations and constraints include; Sales of Goods Act 1979 Trade Descriptions Act 1968 Consumer Credit Act 2006 Data Protection Act 1968 Voluntary constraints Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Pressure groups and consumerism Acceptable language Sales of goods act 1979 The sales of goods act needs sellers to trade goods that are as they advertised and described. The good or service has to be of satisfactory quality. Effectively meaning that for an organisation like micro-soft, the goods and services must be described precisely when promoted because the company needs to be able to prove that the product can do what they say. Trading Regulations 2008 This act enables clients to equal treatment from businesses they deal with. Within this act, businesses can’t use fear to sell their products. Businesses can’t lie to promote products for example ‘closing down sale’ when they are going to stay open after them sale. So blackberry can’t advertise their products with features that they don’t have. The latest Blackberry boasts the best resolution screen of its kind, which then had to be verified and researched by an independent organisation to see it the statement, was true. Consumer Credit Acts 2006 These acts apply to businesses that offer goods or services on credit or companies that lend money to consumers. To be in this category, businesses must be licensed by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), this would handle and include the method of calculating APR and the form and content of the agreement. The consumer credit act 2002 defends consumer’s rights when they purchase things on credit. When lending money, companies much have interest rates clearly identified and these can’t be changing them after. The Data Protection 1968 This Act means that any information taken by a salespersons can only be used for the reasoned mentioned when taken , it has to be precise and up to date, it can’t be taken for a longer period of time than the time mentioned when it was taken , and can only be taken properly and lawfully. It must be kept up to date because if someone dies it is put on the up date. Furthermore your information is protected from unauthorised use, and cannot be given on to other companies without your permission. Voluntary codes This is when businesses volunteers that they will never do something or they will always do something. This might include signing a code of practice mentioning specific behaviours and rules ethically, even though it can’t be legally enforced.

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