Crime Rates in the Central Valley

Friday December 17, 2021

In this course you will design a research project, conduct original quantitative and qualitative research, and analyze your data set in relation to other data and research. This final research essay is built around your original research.


Students are required to write between 1900-2100 words based on their original research regarding the perception of crime in the Central Valley. This essay will incorporate statistics from your unique survey, secondary statistical data regarding crime, and data from crime tracking tools. It is expected that you will incorporate your data as charts and tables. Additionally, you will be expected to use a minimum of ten academic sources to help examine the relationship between different variables and the perception of crime. Some potential themes may be the relationship between media and perceptions of crime, socio-economic status and perception of personal safety, or proximity to crime hotspots and perception of crime.

Penalties for exceeding 2100 words will be calculated at 5% deducted from the final grade for every 10% or part thereof of the word count that is exceeded. This means that a penalty is deducted as soon as the word count is exceeded. Submissions less than 1900 words will not be graded. Students may struggle, however, to adequately respond to the issues presented in the question if they write too few words. Papers should be submitted through moodle. Papers should be written in 12 point, Times New Roman with 1.5 line spacing. A cover page with the student’s details, the total word count, and the question should be included. No running header or footer is required. The paper will also require a reference list/ bibliography of the works cited in the paper. Papers should refer to a minimum of 10 academic sources (books, journal articles, and similar). References should be in Chicago style. If, in the view of the instructor, a submission does not evidence sufficient effort to conform to Chicago (author date) style it will receive an automatic zero and be returned to the student without comment or feedback. Papers must be written in an academic voice, with a research essay structure. Reference lists and the cover page are not part of the word count.

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