Discuss The ?ve Major Steps In Undertaking An EBP Effort For Individual Nurses

Thursday December 16, 2021

Discuss the ?ve major steps in undertaking an EBP effort for individual nurses. Apply these steps in the Clinical Scenarios below.

Clinical Scenario 1. You are working on a hemodialysis unit and one of your patients with type 2 diabetes develops severe foot ulceration that ultimately leads to amputation of several toes. You want to know if there is a reliable assessment tool for the earlier detection of foot complications so that the risk of amputation for patients with end-stage renal disease would be reduced.

Clinical Scenario 2. You are working in an allergy clinic and notice how dif?cult it is for many children to undergo allergy scratch tests. You wonder if there is an effective intervention to help allay childrenÂ’s fears about the skin tests

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