Critical Analysis of the Criminal Justice System

Wednesday December 15, 2021

e have read about and discussed the pervasive impact that the use of controlled dangerous substances (CDS) / illicit drugs has had on your community, not only as it relates to high addiction levels, but also to its direct correlation with the commission of other crimes.

Assignment: The objective of this assignment is to evaluate the purpose and effectiveness of a specialty court known as Drug Court. Drug Court can, by the use of individually tailored treatment modalities controlled by the court and strict compliance features, reduce individual drug reliance and overall rates of recidivism. Some studies show success, while others show the overall cost of such courts to be grossly disproportionate to their degree of success.

Students are to use library resources to find at least three journal articles relating to the effectiveness of Drug Court. The submitted paper must be a minimum of five pages of 12-point font (Arial or Times New Roman only), double-spaced type, not including cover page and bibliography. Resources must be reflected in a bibliography, using APA citation rules

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