The Lungs With Reduced Compliance

Tuesday December 14, 2021

Which of the following is correct for the lungs with reduced compliance?

The lungs with increased airway resistance
Reduced diffusion efficacy for gas exchange
Lungs cannot expand properly
Lungs are easy to expand but difficult to recoil

Which of the following diseases may NOT lead to hypoventilation?

Muscle paralysis
Diffusion impairment in the lungs
Spinal cord damage
Severe stage of COPD

7.Which of the following statements about pulmonary edema is correct?

a. Hypercapnia occurs before hypoxemia

b.More fluid in the alveoli enhances gas exchange

c. It is triggered by pulmonary hypotension or right-sided heart failure

d. It can lead to restrictive lung disease

e. Increase in lung compliance

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