Discuss About Hyponatremia

Tuesday December 14, 2021

Which of the following statements about hyponatremia is/are correct?

I. Excessive sodium in plasma

II. It can be caused by excessive water intake

III. It may lead to seizure

a.I only

b.II only

c.I and II only

d. II and III

I, II and III only

20. Determine the type of acid-base imbalance according to the below arterial blood-gas-test result

Blood pH: 7.25

PCO2: 30 mm Hg

Bicarbonate concentration in plasma: 15 mmol/L

a.Metabolic acidosis with incomplete respiratory compensation

b.Metabolic acidosis with complete metaboilc compensation

c.Respiratory acidosis with incomplete metabolic compensation

d.Metabolic alkalosis with incomplete respiratory compensation

e.Respiratory alkalosis with incomplete respiratory compensation

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