Conditions Leading To Edema

Tuesday December 14, 2021

Which of the following conditions is NOT the sign or symptom of heat stroke?

Low hematocrit levels
Tachycardia (fast heart rate)

Hyperglycemia may lead to:

I. Decrease in plasma osmolarity

II. Polyuria and dehydration

III. Hyponatremia

I only
II and III only
I and II only
I, II and III
II only

Which of the following conditions does NOT lead to edema?

Excessive plasma proteins in the blood

Liver failure
Kidney failure

Which of the following factors determine(s) the amount of airflow in the respiratory tract?

I. The ability of the diaphragm and the inspiratory muscles to change the volume of the chest cavity

II. The ability of the lungs to respond to musculoskeletal forces

III. The ability of the airways to accommodate airflow

I and II only
II and III only
II only
I, II and III
I only

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