Importance of Team Development and Communication in Project Management

Saturday December 11, 2021

Project management refers to the process of planning, organizing, and managing resources with the aim of ensuring successful completion of certain objectives and goals of a project. The term ‘project’ refers to a certain undertaking which has a specific start and completion time duration. Armstrong (Armstrong, 2006) states that project management involves the creation of a unique service or product that results to added value and beneficial change. In project management, the primary challenge is how to achieve all the objectives and goals of a project within the set time, scope and budget. These are referred to as projects constraints. Another challenge in project management is how to optimize the integration as well as the allocation of inputs that are vital in meeting the set objectives of a project. The several approaches that can be used in project management include the incremental, agile, and interactive approaches. In project management, there is need for one to give careful consideration to the goals and objectives of the project. In addition, of great importance are the consideration of the responsibilities and the roles of stakeholders and participants in managing a project. The different phases of a project management include initiation, planning and design, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. In project management, it is important to encourage team development. This ensures that people who are involved in achieving the goals and

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