1. Reading readiness of preschoolers from an impoverished neighborhood (n = 20)

Saturday July 23, 2022

1. Reading readiness of preschoolers from an impoverished neighborhood (n = 20) was measured using a standardized test. Nationally the mean on this test for preschoolers is 30.9 with SD = 2.08.a. Children below the 30th percentile (in the bottom 30%) are in need of special assistance prior to attending school. What raw score marks the cut-off score for these children? Z-score =-2.75X = 30.9 + 2.08 (-2.75) = 25.18Cut Off is 25.18b. What percentage of children score between 25 and 28.5?Z= (25-30.9) /2.08= -2.83 Z= (28.5-30.9) /2.08= -1.15
-2.83+-1.15=-3.98 50-3.98=46.02
46.02% score between 25 and 28.5c. How many children would we expect to find with scores between 28 and 31.5?Z= (28-30.9) /2.08= -1.39 Z= (31.5-30.9) /2.08= .28
-1.39+. 28= -1.11 Z-score= 2.29
X= 30.9 + 2.08 (2.29) = 35.66
36 Children have scores between 28 and 31.5d. Children in the top 25% are considered accelerated readers and qualify for different placement in school. What raw score would mark the cutoff for such placement?Z-score= 2.81X= 30.9 + 2.08(2.81) = 9.74
Cut-Off is 9.742. Age at onset of dementia was determined for a sample of adults between the ages of 60 and 75. For 15 subjects the results were X = 1008 and (X-M)2 = 140.4. Use this information to answer the following: a. What is the mean and SD for this dataM = 1008 /15 M = 67.2 SD= 140.4b. Based on the data you have and the Normal Curve Tables what percentage of people might start to show signs of dementia at or before age 62?(62-67.2) 0.037c. If we consider the normal range of onset in this population to be +/-1Z-score from the mean what two ages correspond to this?d. A neuropsychologist is interested only in studying the most deviant portion of this population that is those individuals who fall within the top 10% and the bottom 10% of the distribution. She must determine the ages that mark these boundaries. What are these ages?

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