1. Predict the potential for the following voltaic cell

Friday July 29, 2022

1. Predict the potential for the following voltaic cell at 25 C:Cu(s)|CuSO4(1.09 M)||AgNO3(0.43 M)|Ag(s)(Answer must be in volts)2. Suppose a 4-volt battery is delivering a steady current of 4 A for a period of 2 hours. Calculate the total charge in coulombs that passes through this circuit.( answer must be in coulombs )3. Use a table of standard thermodynamic values to predict the standard cell potential at 55 C:Cu(s)|CuSO4||AgNO3|Ag(s)Assume that the values of ?H and ?S are independent of temperature.( answer must be in volts )4. A steel railroad bridge uses a zinc sacrificial anode to limit the extent of oxidation of the steel. If a 9.7 kg anode is completely ozidized to Zn2+ over the course of 16.2 years compute the average current flowing through the anode.(answer must be in Amperes )5. Someday cars may be powered by clean H2/O2 fuel cells and electric motors. Under standard conditions such a fuel cell can develop 1.229 volts. If the oxygen is obtained from air (at P=0.21 bar) what pressure of H2 would be required to develop 1.228 volts from the cell at 25 C?(answer must be in bar )6. At 25 C the standard hydrogen electrode (SHE) has a half-cell potential that is defined to be 0.00 volts. If the pH is increased at this electrode (keeping everything else the same) at what pH will the half-cell potential be equal to -0.244 volts?7. Two standard reduction potentials for an unknown metal oxide are:MO2+ ? MO+ E0=0.1035 v MO2+ ? M2+ E0=0.161 v Complete the reduction potential diagram for this system by calculating the standard half-cell reduction potential for MO+ ? M2+(answer must be in volts )

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